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1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: Daygee: I ran track in college and was apart of Plies street team lol.

2) How did the two of you meet and form 'Paperwater?'

A: Daygee: Eddy and I met on our highschool football team. We eventually became friends and started making music under Paperwater.

3) What kind of style would you say your music resembles?

A: Eddy: I would say our style of music resembles a mix of Hip/hop and electronic, with soul and indie influences scattered throughout.

4) What kind of mark do you want to leave on listeners after hearing your music?

A: Daygee: We want to inspire our fans to be individuals and not conform to social norms. We are constantly categorized and put into a box and we do not want to have our fans feel the same way. Do what makes you happy and everything else will follow.

5) What is your ultimate goal when creating a new track?

A: Eddy: Our goal is to make what sounds good. If it hits hard in the studio and at a show, we did our job.

6) What is your goal for the end of 2019?

A: Eddy: We want to put out another EP with a group of singles throughout the year, and develop our live show a bit more. The live element has been a focus since February. Visuals are also a huge part to play along with our current tracks.

7) What is your favourite thing about the Miami music scene?

A: Daygee: It is finally reemerging and different collective are putting out better and better music. Finally a support system is developing to foster new growth.

8) How would you say you differ from the rest of the industry?

A: Eddy: We differ because we create everything in house from visuals, music videos, music, to merch. Everything is DIY under our company Half/Full Creative.

9) What's been the most memorable moment so far in your journey?

A: Daygee: I would say either our Europe tour or our live set at III Points this past February. The whole band killed it and I was really happy with the outcome.

10) How would you say the city of Miami treats it's own artists?

A: Eddy: Pretty shitty, but it is getting there. Artist are starting to support each other which is great.

11) What's the toughest part about trying to push boundaries in music?

A: Daygee: Just getting in the zone and thinking of new ideas. We are constantly pushing different concepts and think of visuals to go along with them.

12) When can we expect the next Paperwater release?

A: Eddy: This month! We produced a really great track with Dyna Edyne. Next month we have some more singles dropping.

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Instagram: @paperwater

Twitter: @paperwater

Soundcloud: @paperwater

Spotify: @paperwater


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