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Gabe James

1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: I love being out in the mountains hiking, running, and being anywhere out in nature!

2) Who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to music?

A: Role Model, Jack Kays, Dominic Fike, Matty Healy.

3) Who are some artists that have influenced your music style?

A: Ed Sheeran, Role Model, The 1975, Dominic Fike, John Mayer.

4) How long did it take you to complete your EP 'City of Lost Angels?'

A: I've been holding on to some of these songs for over 3 years, but they've all been partially rewritten and refined since then. It's hard to say how long it took in full but it's definitely been in the works for a while!

5) What was the inspiration behind it?

A: High school love, breakups, and heartbreak. Coming of age and graduating high school, moving away from my friends and to a big city I had never been to before (LA).

6) What's next for you as an artist heading into 2022?

A: Redefining my sound and heading in a new direction musically. I listen to a lot of different music now than what I used to when I was growing up, and I feel inspired to switch to a more alternative pop genre.

Follow Gabe James:

TikTok - @gabexjames

Twitter - @gabexjames

Instagram - @gabexjames


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