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1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: I’m on my third year of college, I’m actually graduating this year in the graphic design program…

2) Where are you from & how has it influenced your style of music?

A: I was born in Mississauga, but I spent most of my life in Brampton. It’s very versatile here which kind of reflects the way my music is. I don’t think my music sounds like anyone else’s…

3) How did you get into making music?

A: I started making beats 2 years ago & within the last year started recording myself on my beats in my room.

4) Do you or your family have any musical background or are you the first one?

A: My big brother was a huge part of the music influence. Shout out my brother man. He’s a full time DJ & he’s been brainwashing me with bangers since a youngin…

5) What made you want to get into music & making hip-hop specifically?

A: I always listened to hip hop and it was a huge influence before I started making music, but the main reason I started recording was because I couldn’t get any proper artists to rap on my beats, so I just took that on myself and started recording myself…

6) When did you start Die Like Patty?

A: The name ‘Die Like Patty’ came from, “Stop Living to Impress People.” I like to stress this saying to everyone I fuck with. Everyone's so caught up in caring about what people think so much that they forget to live, so I tell them to stop caring about what everyone thinks and Die Like Patty…

7) Use 2 words to describe your music.

A: Hmm… I’d say Unique & Melodic...

8) When can we expect the next Die Like Patty release?

A: Honestly I don’t ever plan shit out. I make music & if it feels right, I execute…

9) What plans do you have for 2019?

A: 2019 I want to produce my own album, every single track on that bitch…

10) What's a song you have stuck in your head these days?

A: I'll Come Too by James Blake is my track right now.

11) What is the first album you ever owned? How did you get it?

A: Fuck… the first album I ever owned was probably some Chris Brown or Lil Wayne shit to be honest…

12) Who's your musical icon? Why?

A: I love versatility… its not so much one specific icon, I just completely love when someone’s in their own lane and their music doesn’t always sound the same.

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