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Blue Mar

1) What's something about yourself your fans may not know.

A: Donuts are one of my favorite foods! I'm done for the day if you give me a glazed donut and a cup of hot coffee but I am not a huge fan of the ones with the fillings.

2) What made you want to start making music in the first place?

A: Around the age of 14, I began taking guitar lessons and recall talking to my pals about forming a band and listening to music together every day. It actually stemmed from a love of music and a sense of belonging to the sounds and to ourselves. The need to connect with people with our own music, just like our idles.

3) What's your process like when making a new song?

A: It varies from time to time. The melody is usually the first thing I come up with. I start by playing chords on my guitar or ukulele, then improvise melodies with some words and phrases. I begin working on the words once I get the melody. I've been using software like Ableton to generate the base without thinking about the melody lately. Trying to play around and find new sounds that I enjoy. Then, for the final recording, I use my guitar to create a living melody and lyrics.

4) Who are some artists who influenced your music style, if any?

A: There are so many. I enjoy discovering new music and am constantly listening to new musicians. I always return to the music of the 1960s and 1970s since that is where my musical journey began. Things like Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, and Ten Years After are favorites of mine. However, discovering new music is also soooo cool. Especially useful for getting new ideas. There are so many interesting things out there.

5) What was the inspiration behind your single 'Eulogy For Rohith Vemula?'

A: I was looking for new reading material and came across a book called the “The Good Immigrant”. It consists of 26 essays and it was the 1st time I heard about Rohith Vemula. This prompted me to do some online research and learn more about his life story, his activism and what he did for the Dalit community.

6) If you could have one feature for the rest of your career, who would it be?

A: Bob Dylan for sure!

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