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Alice Pisano

1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: I’m an avid reader and have a passion for 19th century novels, Jane Austen and the Brönte sisters being among my favourite authors… I love history and have always been fascinated by the past.

2) What made you first want to start making music?

A: Music is in my blood! I’ve been singing and playing piano and guitar since I was small, and I used to sing in numerous bands as a teenager. I was a performer for a number of years before discovering songwriting, and that was a

true revelation!

3) How has being from Italy & living in London impacted your music style, if at all?

A: London has such a rich and vibrant music scene, it has always stimulated me to work hard… I love going to gigs and

discovering new artists, that’s very inspiring. I think in general though, my music style is mainly inspired by what I’m listening to at a certain time! I’ve never listened to much Italian music, mainly British and American artists.

4) What was the inspiration behind your latest single Boys Like You?

A: Boys Like You is about my experience with dating apps, which can be fun but also frustrating… it can be tough to deal with failed dates and behaviours like ghosting, it can really shake you self-confidence. Talking to my friends though, I realized they were having the exact same experience!

5) What can fans expect from your upcoming EP Shattered But Still Cool?

A: It’s a collection of four songs and they’re all about my dating life in the last year or so… there’s two more upbeat songs and one ballad. The EP title kind of sums up my current state!

6) What's next for you for the rest of 2022?

A: I’m looking forward to releasing the other tracks from the EP.

Follow Alice Pisano:

Instagram - @alicepisanomusic

Twitter - @iamalicepisano


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