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ZiPPiR Collective

1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: All of our vocals are engineered in-house. We take pride in doing everything ourselves, and we plan on shifting toward including more in-house production as well.

2) How did you guys get started in music?

A: One of the things that all the members of ZiPPiR share a bond over is our genuine passion for music. Almost all our members have a long personal history with all kinds of genres, instruments and various other musical experiences. The formation of the group was centered around how great our chemistry was in the studio, so naturally it felt like the right thing to do. The music alone speaks for itself in that regard!

3) How did you meet and form the group?

A: The foundation of ZiPPiR Collective was born from 4 of the 6 members being in and out of bad management situations. We all knew that we as artists, and as people, deserved better and frankly could do better, and those bad experiences with management were what really solidified a bond between us as a group. After that, founding the group was a no brainer. We just came up with the name and the rest is history.

4) How did you guys have to adapt due to the pandemic?

A: We definitely had to shift our focus towards the internet during the pandemic because it was really the only way we had to stay connected with our fans. Before the pandemic started, we had a string of really successful shows with even bigger ones planned, but COVID-19 sort of stopped that short. So adapting was huge for us, we had to find out a way to stay connected with our fans or risk losing all the progress we made. I think we did a really good job of utilizing social media, live streaming and tons of visual content as a way to make sure we never leave our fan’s mind. We also started up an official website,, for our fans to constantly stay updated with our new content.

5) What was the inspiration behind your recent release '500k?'

A: As of December of 2019, we collectively hit 500,000 streams across all platforms! The feeling was electric to say the least. So, we just took that energy straight to the studio and turned it into a flex song. It’s really meant to fuel confidence in the listener and WAKE YOU UP!

6) What was it like working with Sy Ari Da Kid?

A: Working with Sy Ari was actually unlike any other experience we have had so far to this date! Before we actually got around him in a studio environment, Ziggy was Face-timing him, planning out their first collaboration. For being someone that was pretty high up in the industry, Sy is very humble. When we actually linked in Atlanta, we jumped into Rare Sound Studios (K Camp’s Studio) and knocked out 4 songs. Sy really just sat in on the session, but the motivation was on another level with a legend in the room.

7) If you could only have 1 feature for the rest of your career, who would it be?

A: Kid Ziggy - Dizzy Wright

Papa Luke - Justin Timberlake

JunioR Pasare - Royce da 5’9”

RJC - Drake

Danny J - Summrs

Maxi - Future

8) What plans do you have for the rest of 2020?

A: We definitely want to put an emphasis on expanding our reach beyond the midwest. All of our bigger features are from Nashville (615 Exclusive), Memphis (White $osa) and Atlanta (Sy Ari Da Kid). So, making a presence in the south is where we are beginning to shift our focus. Beyond that, we also want to put together our first ZiPPiR project that will sporadically include all 6 members. We want to keep all of the production/engineering in house to truly make it OUR sound.

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Instagram - @zippircollective

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