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Timmo Hendriks

1) We like to start off by getting you to tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know. What may that be for you?

A: Something my fans may not know is that I attend a music school in the Netherlands called the Herman Brood Academy. It is known for educating artists such as Martin Garrix, Julian Jordan and many others!

2) We've been following you for quite a while now and have seen your production improve over the years. What would you say has helped you the most in the development of your production?

A: First of all, thanks for saying that! I guess the music school really took my music to the next level. Not specifically the classes but mostly because I was 100% focusing on music for 3 years, without having to worry about tests and stuff like that 'normal' schools have.

3) Your most recent release 'Arcane' was just released 2 weeks ago. Where did the idea for that track come from? (His latest release, Solace, is out now / Listen below)

A: 'Arcane' is a really special track to me since this is kind off a new beginning. After releasing my music on Armada for the last year I realized that labels are not really for me. I really like to have everything in my own hands from release date's to artwork etc. Arcane is quite different then my previous tracks, but sort of sets the tone for my upcoming music.

4) Who did you look up to when you began producing? How have they influenced your production style, if any?

A: When I first started producing I made bigroom and got really got influenced by W&W and Blasterjaxx songs.

5) What has been your favourite track to produce so far?

A: I'd have to say my collaboration(s) with Lindequist. We've gotten to be really good friends the last couple of years and every summer we meet up for a couple of weeks for studio and just to chill. I guess working with him on tracks is the most fun in the studio I've had since we work together really well and always get so inspired when we're together.

6) When did you start DJ-ing and what influenced you to start producing?

A: Funny story, when I was 15 I was really addicted to video games. My parents bought me a DJ-controller for christmas to try to get me off the video games. Starting from that moment all my spare time went into dj'ing. After some months I realized most of the dj's also created their own songs and that's when I started to fool around with Fl-studio.

7) Where do you get your inspiration for a new track?

A: Depends. Sometimes I get inspired by watching after movies from festivals I dream to play at one day. Other times I get inspired by listening to other songs.

8) What would you say has been the biggest moment of your career thus far?

A: The biggest moment I guess has been the step of releasing my music for free to getting actual releases on Armin van Buuren his label 'Armada'. But there have been so many cool highlights every year so far!

9) Who are you favourite DJs/Producers at the moment in the electronic music scene?

A: I have a couple. For known DJ's I'd say Dannic and Nicky Romero since they always have been an inspiration to me. But for the more underground I really like what Tommy Jayden is doing lately!

10) Who is your dream collaboration?

A: I don't have a specific dream collaboration. I really like to collab with people who have a different style then me and sort of combine the style's into something new and different. I really like the sound of Sebjak lately and I think it would be dope to collab with him.

11) What plans do you have for 2018?

A: I actually have pretty big plans for 2018. I just graduated from the music school which means I'm 100% focussing on my career now. I'm gonna be releasing songs every 4-6 weeks, either by myself or on a cool label. Also I'm working on some really cool shows right now!

12) Are you into any sports? If any, which ones?

A: I'm not into any sports, but I do like to go to the gym a couple of times a week. So I guess the gym haha.

13) What's a hobby of yours you like to do outside of music?

A: Going to the gym and hang out with friends. And on some lazy days I like to watch television series.

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Instagram: @timmohendriks

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